Dear Sir / Madam,

HSMT Group offers professional services in the field of safety, licensing and accessibility. Below find list of services and information.


Safety engineer - A safety engineer is a licensed professional who is responsible to determine and is authorized to approve any structure setup according to the Safety systems required by the Planning and Building Israeli Law.


Safety consultant – Advise, direct and approve compliance with Safety requirements and regulations for special events and/or unique facilities. Our consultants will accompany and supervise those projects from beginning to end.


Safety Officer – Professional Safety are available for business with over 50 employees as required by the state of Israel.


Business licensing – ‘HSMT Safety Services’ will accompany a business licensing process from the planning stage until the new business license or renewal license is obtained.


Accessibility services – ‘HSMT Safety Services’ provides accessibility survey, work plans, solutions, implementation and supervision in regards to accessibly as required by law. (As of June 2012, Property owners must create accessibility adjustments for disabled people in existing public buildings. To meet these regulations, business owner are required to conduct an accessibility survey, work plans, provide solutions and implement them as required by law.)


Safety management plan - HSMT licensed Chief Work Inspector will establish a proactive and routine guidelines for the management of safety in the workplace as required by the 2013 Regulations for the organization of labor supervision.


Safety Training - ‘HSMT Safety Services’ provides training services to employees as required by laws and regulations for safety compliance. Our e-learning system provides training in a variety of subjects that meet or exceed the legal requirements. Using E-learning offers time and cost savings for businesses while increasing the professional level of the employees. Safety Officer can choose from existing topics to build a curriculum specifically for each organization. Training modules can be customized as per the client’s requirements; from look and feel to a complete content and media upgrades.


SLMS system – HSMT Learning Management System (LMS) allows access to our on-line training anywhere any time using the internet. HR managers and company administrator get full access to trainee progress and scores which is an integral part of the service.


Safety report system - Enables management of tasks and reports from the people in the field. The system enables the end user to gather information and reports, task management, graphic- metric -signature, document scanning and more...


We will be happy to assist you and arrange an introductory meeting to present our services.



Alon David